Inspiring stories:
Rollz moments


We collected some inspiring Rollz stories for you: “Rollz moments”. Every once in a while Rollz users send us pictures and share their life experiences and regained freedom of movement.

Isn’t it great when people can go out again, enjoying life, even when walking is no longer a given? The idea is Rollz rollators keep you going out and about.

Hans met Rollz Motion in Burgers' Bush

Traveling with Parkinson’s disease

On holiday with a range of half a mile


To have a pleasant trip or holiday, you have to make slightly more arrangements than someone else if you have Parkinson’s disease. Still, it is worthwhile.

Trans Siberian Express, overnachten in een Mongoolse Yurt, iemand moet even helpen met het omhoog tillen van de Rollz Motion

Travel around the world with limited mobility

The Trans Siberian Express, nevertheless


So many people dream of a fantastic long journey, like taking the Trans Siberian Express through Russia to Mongolia and China. Is this possible with limited mobility?

How do I look? All shopping fits into the Rollz Flex rollator.

Style and personality in your rollator

My personal shopper


“Yeah, sure…”, Corry van Weerlee said at first when she got the call she had won in the Rollz Flex Launch Contest in the Netherlands. People do have to be so careful these days. 

Irene, inspirational ambassador of Rollz Motion in New Zealand

Keep walking as long as you can

Living life to the full


Every country has its own unique Rollz Motion ambassadors. Meet Irene, an inspiring lady from New Zealand. She lives life to the full, always has and always will.READ MORE