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Christmas tree while traveling through with your Rollz Motion

Enjoy the winter season with Rollz

December tips to lighten your life


The perfect Christmas gift for style lovers that treasure their independency is a Rollz rollator. It enables people with limited mobility to visit that nice Christmas fair, to walk without help or to join the family trips and days out.READ MORE

Rollz Flex Small rollator voor mensen die kleiner van stuk zijn

Rollz Flex also available in small version

Isn’t it cute, this little Rollz Flex


Since the 25th of June 2018 the Rollz Flex is also available in a smaller version: the Rollz Flex Small. The design of this rollator is adapted for people with a body length of 4 ft 7⅛”to 5 ft 2¾” / 1.40-1.60 m. Like the standard version, it is agile and stable, lightweight and compact.