Rollz Motion Performance as rollator and wheelchair en profil2

Rollz Motion Performance

The all terrain rollator and wheelchair in one

The Rollz Motion Performanc has the striking color jungle green.


Thanks to the four pneumatic tires, this all-terrain rollator and wheelchair in one provides a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. The extra thick padding of the armrests and the ergonomically shaped handles add to the comfort. Moreover, the footrests are adjustable in height!


This sturdy convertible rollator is available from the beginning of October 2019.

Finally we do have an all terrain version of the Rollz Motion with air filled tires!

Rollz Motion Performance all-terrain rollator and wheelchair in one brochure
Rollz Motion in the park rollator

Outdoor rollator to go on adventures with


With this rollator for outdoors you can go to the forest or stroll in an old town with cobblestones. The Rollz Motion is a perfect choice. It is our all terrain rollator.

Air filled tires 

With the pneumatic tires of this outdoor rollator and wheelchair in one you’ll drive pleasantly over bumpy roads. It feels comfortable while walking or being pushed in the wheelchair.


Ergonomically shaped handles

The shape of the handles ensures more grip and the material dampens vibrations. That comes in handy when you’re walking in the forest or over bumpy terrain.


Reflecting parts

Your rollator is better visible in the dark thanks to the reflection on the basker. The wheelchair package also has reflective piping.


Striking colour

The Rollz Motion Performance has the matt coated color jungle green.


Curb assistant 

When you want to go over a curb, you’ll use the curb assistant.  Put your foot on it and tilt the rollator towards you and go over the curb easily.

Decent drum brakes 

Thanks to the drum brakes this outdoor rollator brakes extremely well, no matter the wheater circumstances. The brake cables are neatly concealed, so you don’t get caught.


Firm wedge-shaped seat 

The cushion is thicker on the front. Therefore, your pelvis tilts slightly backwards. You’ll sit better, mostly when the rollator is transformed into wheelchair.


Soft armrests

Because of the extra thick foam padding you’ll notice the bumps in the road less when you’re being pushed in the wheelchair.


Adjustable footrests

The footrests of this outdoor wheelchair for almost any terrain are adjustable in height. With an Allen key the height can be adjusted to the leg length.

There are four different heights, each with a 2 cm difference. This ensures an optimal seating position.

Be active with your rollator, Rollz Motion

In a flick of the wrist


Transform your Rollz Motion Performance rollator into a wheelchair and back — whenever it suits you. Walk steadily, comfortably and upright, and have a seat, using the wheelchair, when you feel like it.


Follow these steps, assuming your wheelchair pack is mounted onto the frame and the Rollz Motion² parking brakes are engaged.


1. Pull the back of the seat up in a flowing motion, into wheelchair position.
2. Turn the handles from the rollator position into wheelchair-push-position, and adjust them to the correct height for the person pushing the wheelchair.
3. Mount your footrests at the lower front side.
4. Continue your journey comfortable and in style.


In this demonstration video is shown how the Rollz Motion rollator converts into a wheelchair and easily back again. For the all terrain version it works the same.

Continue your journey with the Rollz Motion as wheelchair, also in the public transport.

Product details
all terrain rollator
Rollz Motion Performance

Color:  jungle green, mat
Weight: 11.4 kg
Rollz Wheelchair package: 3.4 kg
Maximum carrying load: 125 kg / 19 st 9 lb
Min. and max. height user: 1.60-1.90 m / 5 ft 3″ to 6 ft 3″


Unfolded H×W×L: 86-98 × 67 × 63 cm
Folded H×WS×L: 89-98 × 31 × 63 cm
Seat depth: 42 cm
Width of the seat: 45 cm
Seat height: 55 cm


Front wheel diameter: 8″
Rear wheel diameter: 12″

Four air filled tires

Both rear tires have a pressure of 2.5 bar, the front tires a pressure of 4.5 bar.


Adjustable footrests

The footrests are adjustable for an optimal sitting position.


Air pump included

The pneumatic tires maintain the correct pressure by regularly providing them with extra air if necessary. The pump for this is included.



5 years on the frame and 2 years on other parts with exception of normal wear and tear.


The Rollz Motion Performance has been certified by the TÜV as a walker and wheelchair.

Rollator outside in the parc, walking with the Rollz Motion