These accessories help you to enjoy what life has to offer, because that’s what we care about at Rollz. This way you can get more out of your Rollz rollator.

For the Rollz Motion you can choose out of the next accessories: 3-in-1 wheelchair package holder, cup holder, back support, shopper, travel cover and footrests in different sizes.

For the Rollz Flex we’ve created some accessories as well: a cane holder and shopping hooks.

Rollz Motion Stokhouder rollator

Rollz Motion


Rollz Accessories

Rollz Motion travel cover


Planning a fly trip? During air travel it is neccessary to protect your Rollz Motion against transport damage. The travel cover packs both the Rollz Motion and the wheelchair package into one compact package. It is so sturdy you can take your valuable rollator on the plane with a restful heart. 

Rollz Motion Footrests Small

Rollz Motion footrests in different heights


To sit comfortable in the Rollz Motion wheelchair, the right size footrest is essential. These are available in three different heights.
Select the size that fits your long or shorter legs for even more comfort. The small version is 5 cm shorter, the large version is 5 cm longer.

Rollz Motion Accessories - 3-in-1 Wheelchair package holder

3-in-1 Wheelchair package holder


Normally the wheelchair package is attached behind the rollator. With these holders you can also hang your wheelchair package over the seat. This gives you more depth and freedom of movement. And do your want to convert the rollator into a wheelchair? Then the part is at hand.
A cane- and shopping bag holder is integrated.So you can take your cane along as well as an additional bag.

Rollz Motion Shopper

Rollz Motion shopper


This stylish and functional shopping bag can be clicked onto the Rollz Motion frame. You can put your shopping directly in the shopper and take it along, so you won’t have to carry a shopping bag.

Rollz Motion Cupholder

Rollz Motion cup holder


The Rollz cup holder is attached to the frame. So you can take a can or water bottle along.

Rollz Motion Backsupport

Rollz Motion Back support


Out on your own and left the wheelchair package at home? This back support offers you a short rest, while leaning against the soft strap.

Rollz Flex


Rollz Accessories

Rollator Rollz Flex accessories, caneholder

Rollz Flex cane holder


The cane holder simply slides over the handlebar and stays there. The corresponding part is to be fixed to your walking stick. This way it is easy to  slide the walking stick into the cane holder.

Do you need your walking stick somewhere? Then you easily lift it up from its holder. The clever design fits almost any walking stick in the cane holder.

Rollator Rollz Flex accessories, set of 2 shoppinghooks

Rollz Flex shopping hooks


If you go to the shops, the market or supermarket, these hooks offer the opportunity to add another bag or even two.
On both sides of the Rollz Flex, the hook carries a light bag up to 2,5 kg. It is also possible to use both hooks for one bag up to 5 kg, accros the handlebar. Now that’s convenient grocery shopping!