Registration cards register your Rollz rollator to win back 50% of the purchase price

Register your Rollz rollator and win!


Register your Rollz rollator for a chance to win back half of the purchase price.


Two times a year (in March and September) Rollz International will randomly pick a winner from all the new registrations. The name of the winner will be communicated in a newsletter, so make sure to sign up for receiving our newsletters.


The competition is open to anyone having a Rollz rollator, even if it was bought a while back, complying with the following rules:


  • Be the first owner of the Rollz rollator;
  • Fill in the registration form below;
  • Present the invoice or payment receipt (if you are the winner).

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Rollz FlexRollz MotionRollz Motion PerformanceRollz Motion Rhythm

The serial number of the Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance and Rollz Motion Rhythm can be found under the seat cushion. The serial number of the Rollz Flex is on the black cross hinge.

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