Frequently asked
questions about Rollz


Underneath you find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about Rollz, our design rollators, accessories and service. Is your question not listed? Then contact us via the contact form→!

Rollz in general

Who is Rollz?
Rollz is a Dutch company that has been developing and producing innovative and ergonomic mobility products since 2010. It is our mission to enable people to live life to the fullest, even when this does not come naturally. Our products are versatile and adapt to the user and the situation.
Rollz International is active in many countries worldwide, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.


Which products does Rollz sell?
Rollz introduced the Rollz Motion in 2010, the 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair. For the Rollz Motion there are also several accessories available: the Rollz shopper, the Rollz travel cover, the Rollz cane holder, the Rollz cup holder and the Rollz footrests in different sizes.
In March 2016 Rollz has introduced its shopper rollator, the Rollz Flex. This rollator offers a lot of support and remains extremely viable, even if the big bag is well stocked. In 2017 a classic brakes version has been added, in addition to the design with the streamlined flip brakes.
Rollz continues to renew. In the fall of 2017, the Rollz Motion2 was introduced in new colors. In addition, this revised model has also got redesigned wheels with three spokes. These are fitted with slightly broader tyres of softer material that are naturally shock absorbing.


Where are Rollz products manufactured?
Rollz products are manufactured in Taiwan by a family company with whom we have worked closely together for many years.


Are there Rollz stores?
Rollz has chosen to be available in high-quality specialist stores. An overview of retailers can be found on the page Where can I buy Rollz rollators .


In which countries can I buy Rollz products?
The Rollz Motion is available in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. The nearest retailers can be found on our worldmap of shop locations.
Do you live in a country that is not mentioned here? Feel free to contact us.


Rollz says it develops ergonomic products, what do you mean by that?
Rollz products are developed in a way that unburdens the body in the best way possible. The products adapt to the user in several ways in order for him/her to experience a freedom of movement.


Can I take a Rollz rollator on an airplane?
Yes, you can most certainly take a Rollz rollator on the airplane. Using the Rollz travel cover you can fold the Rollz Motion into a compact package, including the wheelchair package. This way you protect the Rollz Motion from damage while travelling.
We advice you to use the Rollz Motion till you reach the gate and to ask the flight attendants to stow the rollator during the flight. When the Rollz Motion is checked in, we have found that ground personnel is not handling it with enough care.


Can I buy Rollz products online as well?
When you live in The Netherlands, you can order a Rollz Motion, a Rollz Flex or the accessories through our own webshop Our products can be bought at several other webshops in other countries as well.


What does Rollz do in terms of corporate social responsibility?
Rollz believes it is of the utmost importance that our products are manufactured in a fair and safe way, for the environment and the people working at the factory in Taiwan. Our code of conduct is signed by the management of the factory where our products are manufactured.

Rollz Motion

What is the Rollz Motion meant for?
The Rollz Motion is a 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair. This allows you to keep on going. You walk steadily as long as you want and can, and you rest in the wheelchair if needed. This way you can still move around freely.


What is the weight of the Rollz Motion?
The Rollz Motion weighs only 10.7 kg. The wheelchair package weighs 3.7 kg. It is therefore a real lightweight rollator. Folded it can be lifted easily into the car. So where do you want to go tomorrow?


What is the maximum weight the Rollz Motion can carry?
The maximum weight the Rollz Motion can carry is 125 kg.


What is the maximum height of a Rollz Motion user?
The Rollz Motion is meant for users with a height of 1.60-1.90m.


When I use the Rollz Motion as a rollator, where do I leave the wheelchair package?
The wheelchair package, when not in use, can be taken with you collapsed behind the rollator. If needed you can unfold it and transform the rollator into a wheelchair with the flick of a wrist. And back into a rollator if you want to walk yourself again.


My legs are rather long/short, do you have other sizes of the footrests?
Rollz offers footrests in different sizes as an extra option. You can choose the size that suits you best. The small and large footrests can be found at Accessories.

Rollz Flex

What is the Rollz Flex meant for?
We call the Rollz Flex our shopper rollator. The versatile Rollz Flex allows you to go out in a comfortable, stable way while being in style.
The adjustable handlebar caters to your needs as regards stability and convenience. Use it in upright position or facing forward for even more stability. Or in the tilting position, facing you. The large bag is your shopping companion.


What is the weight of the Rollz Flex?
The Rollz Flex weighs only 7.4 kg.


What is the maximum weight the Rollz Flex can carry?
The maximum user weight the Rollz Flex can carry is 125 kg.


What is the capacity of the Rollz Flex bag?
The Rollz Flex bag can carry 25 liter. The construction has been tested intensively and is calculated on a maximum bag content of 20 kg. The Rollz Flex can carry very much weight compared to other rollators. While it is a lightweight rollator.
Even heavily loaded, the rollator remains very viable. Also, you can handle it very well when the bag is full.


The Rollz Flex looks like a shopper, is it a real rollator?
We understand that at first sight the Rollz Flex does not appear to be a rollator. And actually that is exactly what we were aiming at when we developed the Rollz Flex. We believe this is how a rollator in this era should look stylish and designed with care.
The Rollz Flex however is a fully functional rollator. It complies with the standards in the markets where the Rollz Flex is available.


I think the Rollz Flex is too big for me, is there a smaller version?
The Rollz Flex is meant for users with a height between 1.60-1.90 m. We are in the process of developing a smaller version of the Rollz Flex for users of 1.40-1.60 m.


My Rollz Flex bag got a little dirty, how can I clean it?
The bag of the Rollz Flex holds an inner bag that you can easily take out and wash in the washing machine.
The outer bag can be cleaned with a soft and wet cloth with some gentle detergent.


Can I use the Rollz Flex for support in every position?
The Rollz Flex adapts to your support needs. It depends on the user and the situation how the handlebar should be positioned for the support needed.
In the tilting position – facing you like a stroller – it offers you only slight support.
When the handlebar is set completely forward it provides the best support. This we call the rollator position. In this position the Rollz Flex is a certified rollator.

Rollz Accessories

Are the accessories usable for all Rollz rollators?
The Rollz accessories developed for use with Rollz Motion can only be used with this rollator. They fit exactly.
For the Rollz Flex, other accessories are available, such as the stick holder and the shopping hooks. These fit exactly on the Rollz Flex handlebar.


I have seen the Rollz backrest. Where can I get one for my Rollz Motion?
The backrest is one of the Rollz Motion accessories. More information can be found at accessories.

Rollz Service

What’s the warranty policy of Rollz?
Warranty on Rollz products is 2 years. If you want to know what the policy is in your country, please check your manual.


What is the benefit of registering my Rollz rollator on the Rollz website?
Registrering your Rollz rollator allows us to help you efficiently and effectively in case of a service request.


My Rollz product has a defect. What should I do?
If your Rollz rollator is defective, please refer to the retailer where you purchased your Rollz rollator. He will assess the best possible way to solve the defect. So you can use your rollator again as soon as possible!


Where can I find the serial number of my Rollz product?
The Rollz Motion serial number is found under the cushion on the seat of the rollator.
The Rollz Flex serial number is on a sticker on the cross hinge underneath the seat.


My Rollz product is older than 2 years, how can I still get service?
Rollz products can always be serviced. We feel strongly about giving you the best possible service. After the warranty period has expired, we will charge costs for repairs. Before every repair we will share the estimated costs for the repair and ask you for approval before we start servicing your product.


How long does it take to get my Rollz product serviced?
We aim at answering your service request within 5 working days. How long it takes to service a product depends on what needs to be done. We will immediately inform you about the estimated time will be for your Rollz product to be serviced.


I need special customized features, can you customize my Rollz product?
At this moment it is not possible to have your Rollz product customized by us. But, you can always contact us with your thoughts and needs, as we like to think along with you and find a solution for you.
Also, many retailers and distributors are willing and able to help you with specific adaptions.