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Woman using a Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator

Rollz Motion transformed into a Parkinson’s rollator

Eleven years after her Parkinson’s diagnosis Ineke was experiencing episodes of freezing of gait and started looking for a solution. “I said to my girlfriend: wouldn’t it be wonderful if Rollz came up with a Parkinson’s rollator? And it turned out they had just developed one!”


Woman dancing with a Rollz Flex rollator in her studio

Dancing with a rollator

Bonnie Groenewout has danced her whole life but when she got ill a few years back she thought she will not be able to practice anymore. But never say never!READ MORE

Man with rollator walking in the park with his wife

How to correctly use a rollator outdoors

Going outdoors with a rollator for the first time is a big step, both mentally and physically. Knowing how to do it handy and in a safe way will make the learning process less complicated.READ MORE

Rollz meets Saljol 2020 in Rollz Mobility UK

Rollz launches UK subsidiary

Rollz International launches its UK subsidiary, Rollz Mobility UK ltd, to act as the exclusive distributor for all Rollz rollators from the beginning of 2020, as well as for the entire mobility range of the German company Saljol GMBH, in the UK.