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Discover the Rollz Motion Rhythm


For those who like to go out and sometimes suffer from freezing, accelerated walking or a disturbed walking pattern, we now offer the Rollz Motion Rhythm. This stable rollator helps you to get into a calm walking rhythm with three cues: a laser line, a rhythmic vibration and a metronome.


These cues stimulate the initiation of a rhythmic walking movement and improve a disturbed walking pattern.


Do you already own a Rollz Motion? If so, you can also have the cues installed.

Discover the Rollz Motion Rhythm
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Rollz Motion


The rollator and wheelchair in one


Go out together with our design rollator Rollz Motion. You can effortlessly transform this beautiful walker into a wheelchair and back again.

Do you become tired of walking through the park? Unfold the wheelchair package, place the footrests and turn the handles. Once you are rested, simply use the wheelchair as a walker again.


With the compact and safe Rollz Motion you walk stably, upright and comfortably.

Discover the Rollz Motion

Rollz Flex


Viable design rollator


The Rollz Flex is an agile rollator. Whether you are drinking a cup of coffee, shopping for groceries or walking from your kitchen to the living room: it is a lot easier with a Rollz Flex. Because it is foldable, you can take it anywhere. And it doesn’t look like a walker.


The rollator is designed in a way that the front and rear wheels are close together. This is pleasant and makes the turning circle very small. You can also easily step aside, from behind the walker, for example to grab something.

Discover Rollz Flex

Rollz Motion Performance


All-terrain rollator and wheelchair in one


The Rollz Motion Performance has pneumatic tires. This makes it very pleasant to drive over rougher terrain. We call it our all-terrain rollator.


This luxury version of the Rollz Motion is available from October 2019.

Discover the Rollz Motion Performance

A Rollz design rollator

With a beautiful Rollz design walker you will continue to enjoy what life has to offer. Would you like to be able to walk freely again, spend an afternoon shopping, going to a museum, doing groceries, going on a day out together or enjoying a holiday?


You can keep doing the things you love to do with our ergonomic Rollz Motion and Rollz Flex design rollator.


If you have such a nice walker, you will like to use it often. In addition, your posture improves and you are well supported. And you will receive positive reactions!

Discover our good looking rollators
To the parc with your rollator, Rollz Motion

Rollz experiences


Who are the people using a Rollz Motion or Rollz Flex, what are their experiences? We collected some inspiring stories for you: “Now I can move and walk again, I love that. And everywhere I go, I hear, oh, what a beautiful rollator!”.

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Points of sale of Rollz rollators


Rollz rollators are available in many stores and online web shops in the United Kingdom, in the United States of America, in Canada, in New Zealand and Australia. Here you can see, try and buy the Rollz Design Rollators.


Use the button below to find the Rollz distributor in your country. Please contact this distributor for the options.

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A prize-winning design rollator


Often, people stay inside because they do not like the current walking aids! That’s why we wanted a great looking rollator that people will enjoy using. Our designers found solutions for a number of challenges:


A rollator should offer proper support and stability.
It has to look elegant, modern and stylish.
It needs to manoeuvre easily; the better it moves around, the lighter a rollator feels to handle.
A robust design with a have a high-end look which will last a long time.
Weight should remain relatively light.


All of the above are successfully merged into the design of the Rollz Motion and Rollz Flex design rollators. The Rollz Motion has won leading prizes: the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award 2012.


Choose a Rollz design rollator: choose to enjoy your outings again.

Discover the Rollz rollators
Design rollator Rollz Motion is awarded with leading design awards

“Half of the people who need a walker do not use it. Because it is too ugly! We wanted to tackle that stigma.”

Accessories for your Rollz rollator


You can rely on your Rollz rollator, it is a user-friendly, versatile tool. With our collection of accessories you complete your rollator with extra’s for your daily use.


Do you also want to bring your cane along? Do you want to store your belongings in a bag that fits on your rollator? Bring a drink for on the way? When you fly by plane regularly the travelcover is a necessary addition. For the Rollz Flex there is a cane holder and a set of bag holders available.

Show me the accessories

Lightweight rollator


Looking for a lightweight rollator that is collapsible and easy to fold? And which is good looking and sturdy at the same time?


The Rollz Flex weighs just 7.4 kg and is designed in such a way that you can take many groceries safely with you.


The Rollz Motion is stable, lightweight, and easy to fold, and can also be converted into a wheelchair in no time. Each of these rollators fit easily in the trunk of your car.

Lightweight rollatorLightweight wheelchair

Foldable rollator


Are you looking for a foldable rollator that is easy to fold and carry? And also good looking and stable?


The Rollz Motion can be folded into a very compact package.

It can still be rolled forward in folded position, which is convenient if you want to store it away somewhere, like your hall.

It certainly fits in the trunk of your car. Or behind the front seat if you find that more comfortable.


You can also compactly fold the Rollz Flex rollator. Have you done your shopping and would you like to put everything into the car?

Then you can first take out the inner bag with all your purchases. Then you fold up the rollator. That way it fits easily into the trunk.

Going on holiday with a walker

On holiday with your rollator

Rollator users are fond of traveling


You can also go on holiday with your rollator.

Certainly, Rollz users enjoy vacationing. Thanks to their rollator and wheelchair in one, they can travel again!

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